Paleo is a way of eating, which used to be commonly known as the caveman diet, and which has been gaining more acceptance in mainstream health circles. This diet, originally designed for its low-fat, high-fiber foods, is gaining popularity because of its low-glycemic index and high-density content, which results in an increased rate of glycemic release.

It has been proposed that even after eating a meal containing no available carbohydrates, blood sugar will remain elevated in the body, which is expected to result in greater hunger. For this reason, the paleo diet prescribes a higher intake of fiber, which can be found in both grains and vegetables. Of course, like any other diet, your body may also react to a change in diet, especially when it comes to carbohydrate intake.

Carbohydrates are naturally present in several kinds of food. They are either directly ingested or can be metabolized through the liver, the largest organ in the human body. In addition, these can be digested by the small intestine, or alternatively, they can be broken down further by the colon and finally absorbed into the bloodstream.

Try cutting down on processed and refined sugars and grains. Eat more grains (grains that are naturally whole and not bleached, strained, or steamed). To add fiber, eat more fruits and vegetables. Soak more frequently.

Lower your fat intake with plant oils and unrefined fats. Buy the organic kind, even if the price tag is higher. Studies have shown that fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce cardiovascular disease risk, improve brain function, and decrease blood pressure.

Start using a psyllium husk as well. It is so effective in reducing gas and bloating because it contains a substance called mucopolysaccharides, which can easily be broken down into harmless sugars. Psyllium husks contain a substance called chitin, which also breaks down into harmless sugars.

Start eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. Only organic and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables should be eaten as it is easier to grow.

Switch to low-fat and lower-sugar dairy products. Use more non-fat milk, but also make sure to replace it with skimmed and whole milk for best results. Use less cream cheese and more non-fat butter.

That is a good thing about the paleo diet. It gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and in whatever quantities you want. You can eat enough food to make a meal if you wanted to, or you can go for a binge-fast the next day, or you can feed yourself whenever you feel like it.

I bet you’ve never tried any diet that has opened up so many doors in terms of foods that you can eat without guilt and has cleared a couple of light-years from your age, too. You’ll feel more energetic and full of enthusiasm than ever before. You’ll eat right and be happier with the fact that it is as natural as possible.

The paleo diet is becoming a popular and common way of eating. People around the world are discovering that it works. Anyone can enjoy this diet and anyone can benefit from it.

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