There are many terms that describe different parts of a Paleo diet. While there is no singular term that refers to the entire process, there are two that may be of interest to you. The first of these terms is “Paleo”.

The second term relates to the food groups that we eat in the Paleo diet. Foods in the categories listed here will be the mainstay of our diet. This is not to say that other types of food cannot be consumed in moderation but these are the primary groups that are eaten in the Paleo diet. In this article, you will learn the primary food groups that are eaten in the Paleo diet.

Milk is one of the mainstay groups that are eaten in the Paleo diet. It is one of the first groups that are offered to us by nature.

Dairy products are oftentimes sold as a group and sold under the label of milk. These milk products include milk, yogurt, cheese, and sour cream. They are all a part of the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet discourages eating dairy foods. This is not to say that these foods should be eliminated from your diet entirely because they are part of the human diet and there is nothing that a person can do to change this.

Eggs are another good source of protein. They are in the group of “eggs”. Eggs products are the primary egg group for the Paleo diet.

Meat is another group that has some high protein categories. For this reason, some people may feel that they cannot consume meat. This is a false assumption because meat is a great source of protein that is part of the Paleo diet.

Fish is another part of the Paleo group of foods that are high in fat and therefore are off-limits to many people. Many people want to have fatty meats but still want to follow the Paleo diet because of the large amount of fresh produce that is included in the diet.

There are a few meats that are low in fat but are still a good source of protein. Some of these meats include beef, pork, and chicken. These are also part of the “meat” group.

Vegans and vegetarians can eat some meats and some products if they so choose. Some of the meats that fall into the high-fat categories that may be consumed include organ meats, brain, tongue, heart, and other organs. Others such as liver and brains are off-limits to vegans and vegetarians.

You should not feel that you must eliminate meat from your diet completely if you are following the Paleo diet. There are a few types of meat that should be eaten and that are more beneficial than others.

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