If you have been following a ketogenic diet for a while and are thinking of changing to a low-carb diet, there are many things you need to consider before you make the big leap. One of these is when to start your low-carb eating plans.

The fact of the matter is that people on the keto diet don’t automatically cut out carbs. They only remove them from the diet for a short period of time. The end result is that they need to know when to start keto eating.

The first step in the keto plan is to put yourself on a restricted carb eating plan. This means that you should start by cutting down your carbohydrate intake by about 25%. You can do this by starting with just a small portion of pasta, rice, or bread, and then add in some healthy proteins as well as healthy fats.

This particular meal is called breakfast. You will want to eat it two hours before you start your workday. So, you can eat a good portion of protein and carbs, but with some healthy fats, and then drink a fruit juice and a protein shake.

You may find that you still need to eat snacks. So, you can have a slice of low-fat cottage cheese as a snack. As a short snack, this is probably all you really need. You may still need to have some healthy fats, and protein, but don’t go crazy with either of those things.

You may also want to start a snack plan for dinner on one’s day off. You may want to have a piece of fruit and a low-carb tortilla. Just eat it and enjoy it.

Usually, the amount of protein and carbs that you can have will be reduced by half for a week, and then your carb intake will be increased by half again, and again for a week. So, you can gradually increase your protein and carb intake, but you won’t be having as many carbs as you were previously.

You might be wondering why it is important to have protein as part of the diet. Protein helps you feel full, so you should eat it as part of your daily diet. But, you should note that it should only be consumed with vegetables and grains.

Special foods should be avoided. They include bread, crackers, cookies, fried potatoes, French fries, and any other junk food.

When eating, it is important to look at what is on the label and to avoid those which are high in fat and cholesterol. And remember, if you choose a cheeseburger, make sure it is low in fat and high in protein. Remember to drink lots of water while eating as well.

Many people have reported good results on the keto diet. Remember, the goal is to eat healthily, and reduce your insulin levels, and you can achieve this by adhering to a low-carb diet and enjoying every bit of it.

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